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Group Surf Lessons Hossegor

Small Groups of 5 people max ! (bigger groups upon request) We believe that the learning environment is everything when improving your technique or are totally fresh into surf. For this reason we keep our groups small. With a max

Whats going on in Hossegor

Whats going on in Hossegor

Whats going on in Hossegor recently with surf forecasts , shots of the good days , competitions and anything thats to do with the beach , the surf and the weather.

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Private Individual Surf Lessons Hossegor

Private Individual Surf Lessons Hossegor. Whether you or are a complete beginner or already surf but want to take your surfing to the next level,”Surf lessons Hossegor” will help you progress faster, refine your technique and master new moves! Tailor made

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Surf Accommodation

Surf Accommodation Hossegor

The Secret Spot Lodge. Located near Hossegor South West France, the Secret Spot Lodge offers surf accommodation thats a cut above the rest. We have 4 bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms. Enjoy the ‘home away from home’ feeling with all the

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Surf Guide

Surf Guide Hossegor

 Surf Guide Hossegor The Surf Guide Hossegor theme has been flooded in recent years with new schools and guides. Don’t waste your time looking for the best waves. Get some local knowledge, but read on as to why we are

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1 week private lessons

I have spent 1 week of private surf lessons with Troy. He brought me to several different spots around the area and explained carefully how to read and try to understand a spot and to know where you want to enter the waters and start to read the waves. It's been a pleasure to go surfing with him, as he enjoys sharing his knowladge and his stories in surfing. We have had good laughters and he encureged me to continue surfing. He's a great teacher, patient, understandable, motivating and is truly focusing on you correcting your mistakes but also pointing out what you are already doing right. Thanks a lot!


Testimonial – Superb

The Kids and I wanted to learn the basics of surfing but not as part of a huge group in the conventional way. We certainly got what we were after with Troy. Fun from start to finish, a really knowledgeable guy with a great teaching attitude, and some GREAT stories. The most important thing – we all progressed during our two sessions and came away with a great sense of achievement and were treated to some great beaches away from the crowds.

Toons Family Great Family Surf Experience

Testimonial -Longboard to shortboard

Hijo Troy, Thank you for your help on the transition from minimal to shortboard. My objective was accomplished. Your tips and board selection were excellent. I am really looking forward to come back as soon as I can. All the best, Guillermo.

Guillermo Longboard to shortboard

Testimonial – Fantastic Experience With Troy

It was a fantastic experience learning to surf with Troy this September. He was very helpful and professional. He gave us feedback after every wave and explained what exactly we were doing wrong and how to get it right…I actually got up and surfed within the first 1/2 an hour of our 1.5 hour lesson! Excellent and can't wait for next year!

Mike and Carol Stood Up After 1/2 An Hour