Best Hossegor November Ever has sadly finished. The swell has been solid 4 – 12 foot every day with mid 20,s , busy beaches and blue skies. Only problem being its been illegal to surf for more than half of the month ! This rule didnt apply to a handfull of lucky surfers who did have the right to surf. As the covid nightmare unraveled Mr. Macron the president, decided to allow pro surfers and pro sport teachers to exercise …… So the lucky guys scored and the unlucky got busted. The fact remains November 2020 Hossegor was the month that just didnt stop giving !

With the surf schools and surf lodges shut, and no private or group lessons allowed, there was only one thing to do ….. Check this out :

Footage of the best Hossegor November ever has flown all over the social media. The guys that could surf were spoiled rotten. Every famous spot was ON, every day. Only a handful of surfers on each peak with waves like this all over the place

Best Hossegor November Ever

Heres a look at how it was looking at the very start of November and it just got better and better

Its was legal for some and not others to surf. The fact that the lockdown was so harsh in France meant that the normal Surf Guiding Season was OFF, .

Best Hossegor November Ever
Its fare to say that with those fins his fine wasnt worth the surf

The futures bright

2020 has been strange for the entire planet. Everyone has had there own personal life changes …. however … as a local surfer in Hossegor it couldnt have been any stranger. Cops chasing people, helicopters landing on beaches and arresting people at gun point, the Quik Pro France 2020 cancelled for ever.

Despite the covid nightmare , we surf and will continue to surf, the futures bright. Contact us here

Best Hossegor November Ever
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