Covid 19 policies for summer are obligatory, despite the fact that everyone has been itching to get back in the water, times have changed. As we are all aware the covid climate has shifted from last year, however its not over yet, so we are keeping you updated.

Group lessons and changes

Group lessons have always been kept minimal at our school for quality reasons. Its rare that any groups are run with more than 5 people , unless requested. Its been decided that this summer the usual size of groups will remain the same, however they will remain closed unless requested. The idea is basically to keep, as far as possible, surfers away from other surfers they dont know. This is not a rule that fixed , if two groups of people are happy to share a group , then thats ok for us. The general idea will be to keep groups small and closed.

Private surf lessons

Covid 19 policies for summer and private surf lessons are pretty basic. unless the student turns up with a fever and other symptoms the lessons will go ahead as planned.

Surf guiding

The only thing to mention here is that ,during the transfer to the spot surfers will be asked to where a mask. This will changed with the government recommendations of course.


Covid 19 policies for summer

Covid 19 policies for summer at the Secret Spot Lodge have changed a bit more than the school. International travelers will be asked to provide proof of a negative test in order to stay. A temperature test will be made on arrival. All guests will be asked to stick to the French government guidelines. Obviously a really tricky situation for all, however our goal is to keep all of our guests and ourselves safe. If you have any questions about the lodge and our Covid 19 policies for summer contact us here

Covid 19 policies for summer