English Surf School Hossegor with lessons available in English or French

English Surf School Hossegor

For some visiting tourists a surf lessons in Hossegor with broken English doesn’t quite cut it. This seems to be more so with the kids. Generally its fare to say that if you pay good money for a lesson you need to be understood by the instructor. Its the norm here that the instructor English skills are not always up to scratch.

Your instructor at Surf Lessons Hossegor is English , with a French family , so either language is great.

English Surf School Hossegor with Group Surf Lessons

English Surf School Hossegor

Generally , unless requested, the group surf lessons are kept to a maximum of 5 persons. The only surf school in Hossegor to offer this. The reason is to offer quality and avoid quantity. A group of 8 students with an instructor that offers broken English is a waste of money. You will only ever have attention focused to the paying customer in whatever language they need at Surf Lessons Hossegor.

Private lessons in English

English Surf School Hossegor

So if you have decided to really treat yourself. A private surf lessons in Hossegor needs to be understood. The “Lost in translation” thing goes so far in restaurants and bars , but not on an expensive private surf lesson in Hossegor. Half understanding and explanation or being half understood isnt value for money. Again , its the goal of Surf Lessons Hossegor to offer quality. French and English are perfectly understood.

English Spoken Surf Lodge near Hossegor.

Its quality all the way from our surf school in Hossegor. We have one of the first established surf lodges in the area called the Secret Spot Lodge. Staying on the quality theme have a look here at out 5 star TripAdvisor rating. We have 4 bedroom suites , all ensuite. !