Family Group Surf Lessons

Book you family into Family Group Surf Lessons Hossegor , and get twice the attention for half the price !

The picture below is the reason we have created our surf school. Nobody is going to learn much with 1 monitor to 20 students. 

family group surf lessons hossegor

We will never run a group of more than 4 people , unless the family requests it. Due to this our instructor enjoys delivering a high quality lesson.

What can take your family in a group exclusively closed for you (minium of 3), and enjoy the fun experience whilst learning at a much faster rate.

We keep our prices low  and our quality high. You would normally be paying a price to be in a group with at the very least 8 others. Generally a  young instructor who stands ankle deep on the shore working on his sun tan and his whistling techniques, sadly with minimum surf or teaching experience.

Leave that behind and enjoy you value for money. With our 2 instructors we boast over 50 years surfing experience and half of that time has been teaching experience.

The image below is why we love our job and our school

family group surf lessons hossegor
………….. OUR STYLE …..

Surfing is our life and we take pride and pleasure in our surf school .

Have a look at our prices page to see all the options or contact us with any inquiries.