French beaches open for surfing as of yesterday. They will, for the moment, remain open for exercise purposes only. This is the best news in the French surfing world in about 70 days.

French beaches open for surfing

After an extremely difficult and heavily enforced lockdown , yesterday morning , was the first surf in about 70 days for most surfers in this area.

French beaches open for surfing with restrictions.

As promised we will keep you all updated from this area with what we know , when we know it. So far the French government have said that the beaches are open , but with restrictions. They have also warned us that this could change rapidly according to how covid develops.

We are allowed to go to the beach for exercise. This includes walking , running, swimming and surfing. Nobody has the right to sit and sunbathe on the beach, or picnic or anything else. Thankfully surf schools have the right to teach.

Groups surf lessons will now look very different in France. The norm is to arrive at the beach and see an ocean of schools with hundreds of students. This will not be the case this summer. Each school is only allowed to have 1 group at a time on the beach. As far as we are concerned thats business as usual, but its going to be a lot easier for us to find a nice quiet spot to surf. Private surf lessons and guiding will continue as normal also. The spots this year for surf lessons and guiding will be from Hossegor up to Moliets area. If you are comoing and staying a bit further north of Hossegor surf lessons around Moliets and Messanges are not a problem

Covid updates:

We are obviously still very aware that the world we live in is changing all the time. We will adapt with the situation as it evolves. We will also keep everybody informed from us here on the ground in France with the government recommendations. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

French beaches open for surfing