Happy New Year 2023 Hossegor. Its been an amazing run of perfect weather and swell. 2022 summer season seemed to continue way into December. We had 30 degrees well into November , with solid swells all the way through. For the Surf Guides Hossegor was a total dream. With a never ending stream of frothing surfers coming to stay with us, its was really a perfect never ending summer. Literally as soon as the big tourist season finished in August , Sept big wave season turned on. All of the big spots lit up and have stayed shining right up until happy new year 2023 Hossegor.

happy new year 2023 hossegor

The great thing about Hossegor area is that it caters for all levels of frothing surfers. When the big swells arrive , theres still heaps of spots of every level of surfer. Its great for people coming to learn the basics, like learning how to read surf report , then finding a small enough spot like Capbreton or Hendaye.

Of course with the bigger swells this place offers a couple of the Europes and the worlds great big waves spot , La Nord and Guethray. These places are technically more for the advanced surfers when they are breaking properly and big. One of the earlier swells delivered a super perfect 3 meter + which offer some hairy drop at Avalanche in Guethray. The great thing with both spots id the vibe is always pretty good, as theres heaps of respect out there between the surfers.

happy new year 2023 hossegor
A fun day at Guethary in November

Approaching mid Jan the happy new year 2023 Hossegor vibe still continues. The water is still 15 degrees and the air temp id often in the low 20,s in the day time. A local company “Ripitup” spend every day here trawling the beaches with their cameras looking for the best sand banks. They have some awesome footage of the area. Check out this quick video of this week.

Happy New Year 2023 Hossegor
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