Hossegor and Hurricane Christobal

Hossegor has had a long summer of really small surf , with only 1 or 2 swells that were not so special. Right on time the September big wave season has kicked off with a pounding swell from hurricane Christobal.Hossegor The first shot is Les Estagnots which was chunky but surfable with only a handful of takers. We have a solid 8 foot swell arrived right on time this morning with a gentle offshore breeze .

I was at La Gravier this morning a bit too early and not many of them were make-able. At this size La Gravier is not to be taken lightly, as a severe bone crushing pounding can be taken trying to just get past the shore-break , not to mention the consequences if you don’t make the take-off !!Hossegor

The two shots of Hossegor tell a story of a fully horrible shore-break and the other one could be the wave of your life …. IF you make it.

Hossegor lights up