Hossegor surf spots guiding

Hossegor surf spots guiding

Hossegor surf spots guiding page is for the surfers who arent so familiar with the area. We have a huge range of world class waves for every type of surfer , SUP or bodyboarder. Its important to be realistic about the level of your surfering skills and to choose the correct place to surf. We have real gentle waves for the leaners or improvers right up to the site of the Quicksilver Pro at La Gravier. If you are early on in your surfing life then you are going to love waves like this :Hossegor surf spots guiding

A common mistake is blindly hoping for the best on the day, having heard the words “Estagnots” or La Gravier” or some other well known wave, and turning up at a fully dangerous wave and getting flogged instead of going home stoked.

Below we have a couple of options for you to discover this area. You can check out the comprehensive list of the local waves around the Hossegor area , or you can jump in a car and be driven to the spot and surf the type of wave you have been hoping for.

Surf spot guide of Hossegor SW France

Have a quick scan through of this list to find the best wave for you. If you dont find what you are hoping for use the contact link below and we will help you find it.Hossegor surf spots guiding

  • List of all the waves around Hossegor
  • The location
  • The correct tides
  • The swell size needed
  • Hazards

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Take a surf guide and discover all the spots

If you have read the list above but would like to discover the other spots with less people or have other things on your mind like surfing point breaks or Spain , then read on. Our surf guide has surfed all these spots for 40 years , so your in good hands.

  • Local spot knowledge
  • Half day or full day
  • transport provided
  • Best waves for that day garenteed

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We hope that this guide has been helpfull to you and your group. We want to make sure tht everyone thats wants to surf does exactly that. Please dont hesitate to get in contact with us about any other surfing related issues.

It may be worth mentioning as well that we have a higher class surf accommodation for the surfer thats coming down to France and wanting to stay in style. Every room is ensuite , we have a big pool and much more.

Surf Spot Guide of Hossegor S.W.France

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