Learn to surf in Morocco

This season has been a great one for us and all of our students at Surf Lessons Hossegor , with consistent quality learner waves with blue skies all through the summer.We are happy to say that we’ve had constant super positive feedback about the great learning experience everyone has had this summer.


Perfect small friendly learner waves are quite hard to find at times , but the picture above was a very typical day this summer.

Like clockwork at the end of the summer around mid October the big wave season started delivering world class waves for all , including a perfect swell for the Quiksilver pro contest.

Ocober surf Hossegor

Finding perfect waves for our students is a big part of the service we offer. Winter in Hossegor offers some of the most perfect waves on the planet , BUT …. thats for the more experienced surfer as the average swell size is 8-10 feet. For this reason we have decided to run Morocco surf lessons through the winter . We are going to base our lessons around Taghazout , with super constant waves and blue skies every day , we are sure that its going to be more fun for the average learner.

With about 10-15 world class waves all within a few miles we will be teaching in every type of waves that you would like to learn in , check this map for the spots :

Morocco surf lessons


morocco surf lessons (2)


We are starting just after the new year so just use the contact form to reserve your private or group lessons.

Morocco surf lessons 2015