November 2021 Hossegor was on fire. Its been an amazing winter so far. Plenty of days like the video below with an abundance of sunny , heavy but perfect ,barrels to go around for everyone.

November 2021 Hossegor

The temp has dropped around mid January , but its still been sunny with really good winds. Knowing where to surf has not been complicated , as its been so good everywhere.

November 2021 Hossegor was a mad one for temperatures, a bit up and down , but when it was up , it was spring time temps. The northern beaches have had amazing banks, but the usual suspects like VVF and La Gravier have been all time. The day below was 25 degrees and solid 6 foot. Check the guy in the pit behind the fishing rod on the first shot

With waves like this is the video below, Hossegors becoming more and more popular , and busy. If you want to surf waves like these , have a look at this page to find out how we can help you out and you friends or family out. Theres a load of waves here , not only the gnarly pits of Hossegor. Have a look at this free guide to explore further north or south.

November 2021 Hossegor Secret Spot

If your coming to surf bombs like the pics and video above, we have a super comfortable place for passing surfers to stay. Its one of the first Surf Lodges in the area, The Secret Spot Lodge. Fully luxurious , all rooms are en-suite , with a heated pool beside the summer kitchen. We have guiding and lessons every day from the Lodge. Have a look at our 5 star Tripadvisor rating.

November 2021 Hossegor

Contact us directly if you need any more info on the Secret Spot Lodge or any services from Surf lessons Hossegor

November 2021 Hossegor on Fire
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