October perfection in Landes

Yes this October started with the Quik pro 2014 and as usual delivered solid waves in perfect blue sky windless conditions.Ocober surf Hossegor

When the contest left the weather and waves have just got better ever since. We are now at the end of October and we are still enjoying solid 6-8 foot swell with almost 30 degrees and windless days.  Last week the Spike memorial contest was held locally and the boys were forced to go surf Lafetania at 10 foot followed by 5 foot Mundaka the same day .Lafitania October Mundaka October


Coming to the end of this month the feeling in the surf community is “surfed out”…..  Its continues to be totally epic with yesterday at Messanges offering a grinding 8 foot swell with not many takers , but plenty of people lapping up the endless summer weather.Messanges October

Perfect October surf