The featured image  that i have put isnt Hossegor , but it may as well be. Its actually Mandiri beach in Northern Indonesia showing off its flawless perct barrels. The reason i put this image is that from time to time here in and around Hossegor its possible to find waves just like this. Its all to do with the shifting sand banks and where and how they are formed. Each year is different but this year we have some truely amazing waves in some very hidden spots.

The chart below is a good example of a day coming this week that will be guarenteed to blow a few surfing minds.surfing hossegor

Most of the surfers that can already surf come down to this part of France hoping to find some perfection and score waves like you see in the mags. Get a surf guide …. thats the only way you are going to be sure to get the waves you came for. You can check out details of our surf guiding right here . Heres a shot of spot x we found recently :

secret spot surf guiding this week

We are so tuned inti surfing waves like this one above and where and when to find them that we have named out surf lodge the ‘Secret spot lodge’ If you want to make sure that you score amazing waves and have an amazing stay check out our own Secret Spot Lodge . You wont be dispointed on any level if your looking for a quality accommodation with the most experienced surf guide on the coast.



Secret Spot Surf Guiding this Week
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