september in hossegor

September in Hossegor is the month of legends and this months no different.

After a solid summer of good weather and mostly typically small waves its all over. September in Hossegor has arrived with a sharp drop in night time temperatures. The sand over the last couple of weaks has become real cold for the dawn patrols.

Illuminated Dawn Patrols this week

So 3 days ago as a dawn patroller i thought id be the first on the beach at just after 7am. It was still pitch black , but there was one guy having fun. As i looked over to the bank in Bourdaines a super bright light flew across a right hander. He then paddled in and ran along the beach to paddle back out again. What an awesome way to beat the crowds, just surf all night. Not a great pic with my phone but he was a long way away.

Beat the crowds surf at night

September in Hossegor and Surf Guiding.

If like the guy in the shots above your keen to avoid crowds you may want a surf guide. Yes you dont have to surf at night alone, take a guide to the best spots in the area and avoid the crowds.


In the age of reviews its good for you to know what you are spending you money on. Have a look here at some reviews on Tripadvisor or here on the site, written by surfers for surfers.

September in Hossegor