Social distancing whilst surfing Hossegor

,Social distancing whilst surfing Hossegor this summer is something that no surfer, beginner or experienced , ever thought would happen.

As a planet we are adjusting to life with covid , so are we in the ocean. The beaches have recently opened again after the lock-down, but with strict guidelines. The first week of Hossegor beaches re-opening , it was just for surf and exercise. This will change soon and people will be allowed to hang out on the beach this summer.

Social distancing whilst surfing Hossegor and the rules and regulations at our surf school will be kept in place , as far as possible, throughout the summer.

Group lesson guidelines

Our group lessons have always been the smallest groups on the coast with a max of only 5 surfers. This year we will , where possible, be doing our best to keep the groups to families or friends that have some isolation history together. This may be a bit complicated , however if it means cutting the group sizes even further in order to keep people safe , thats what we will do. There will be a minimum of a meter between all of us on the sand before we surf. In the water this is normal anyway , so will not be too complicated

Private lesson guidelines

Our private lessons will be the choice of most for summer 2021 and is highly recommended. private lessons can be run with a max of 2 people. So if you and your friend or partner want to guarantee being alone , this is the way to go. Having said that the 1 meter distance on the beach will be kept for the safety of the instructor also.

Surf guiding guidelines

Surf guiding is possibly the more complicated option. Unless things change drastically within the next few months its not possible to pick surfers up and drive them around.The way this will function for the moment is that the surfer will be asked to follow in their own car to find the perfect waves they came for. Once at spot X , we will go surf and as usual be guided through the line up etc.

General rules and Hygene for summer 2020

Its impossible to disinfect the boards after each use , however they spend most of their time in a salty ocean anyway. The wetsuits however will be used one time in any one day , then heavily disinfected in the evening . A polite reminder will be given any time that the 1 meter distance rules is broken. It goes without saying that any student who feels ill is asked to cancel. We also reserve the right to cancel any booked lesson on the day , id somebody turns up looking or feeling ill. In this case no refunf will be possible , as its the responsability of the student to cancel or postpone.


At the Secret Spot Lodge this year we will be running at less than half capacity. This is a painful hit for us , however we feel is the correct decision. if you are looking for a luxury accommodation this year drop us a line and we will reserve a room for you.

Social distancing whilst surfing Hossegor