Spring Surfing in Hossegor has been some great fun this year. Its been hot hitting 30 often and the banks are on fire all up and down the coast.

The winter was long but warm with plenty of sun. Also no shortage of smaller days for the normal surfer to get in on any of the open beaches.

With 30 degrees at this time of year its been great to profit from the full summer vibe before the crowds arrive. We are open already and running a few small group lessons

We have opened our Surf lodge , the Secret Spot Lodge early this year also. To continue the warm that we are experiencing we though we need to add heating to the pool, So Bali temp pool water for all our guests this year. Check our 5 star rating on TripAdvisor if you want to stay in the best place on the coast

Spring Surfing in Hossegor

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Spring Surfing in Hossegor