Summer 2024 Surf Lessons Hossegor has kicked off. The sun is shining and the ocean has warmed up. It looks like the massive winter swells have passed and the friendly summer learner waves are here to stay. If you and your friends are heading Hossegor way, and want to take surfing to the next level, get those surf questions answered or try it for the first time, read on.

summer 2024 surf lessons hossegor

Surf Lessons Hossegor being the first mobile surf school in the area has had plenty of time to offer that little bit more than all the others. With one instructor the massive group thing has been avoided. The service that you pay for has been put together after listening to students requests for years, this is why Surf Lessons Hossegor is different.

Group Lessons are best with us

The Group Lessons this summer 2024 at Surf Lessons Hossegor are guaranteed to be small. You will never find a group with more than 5 people (unless requested). This was a pioneering move from our school, as its a bit ridiculous to take peoples money with groups of 8 students plus …….. who can really learn in that atmosphere ? So come and enjoy the full attention of the instructor with only 4 other people apart from yourself.

Private surf lessons

If you are serious about improving fast book a private lesson. Some students do not want to be in a group, this is understandable. If you look up and down the beach at the big schools on the beach. It can seem like a circus sometimes, this is exactly what we do not do.


This is the only other surf service that we do. Its the best way to go from your hotel directly to the best waves on the coast. Read on for more details, its a guaranteed great day of surfing. Heres a helpfull freebee guide for you to take around with you. Get to know the place on your own at your own pace

So for a summer 2024 make the most of learning to surf. Contact us if you want to go ahead and book a course or have any questions.

Summer 2024 Surf Lessons Hossegor