Surf Guides Hossegor have been popping up around the place in abundance for the last few years. Its important to know whos taking you where and how experienced they are. Experience in the guiding profession comes with years served in the area. Our surf guides in Hossegor have spent lifetimes devoted to finding the beaches to surf and then invite you to the best spots. The shot below shows the level some are prepared to go to to avoid the crowds.

surf guides Hossegor

Surf guides Hossegor can be hired from our school for any level !

Surf guides , can be hired for any level and take you to any type of wave requested. Its not only the seasoned surfers who dream of perfect waves. The lesser confident surfers can be taken to the ideal waves for them, and avoid totally the beating that may have occurred without a surf guide.

Learner to intermediate surf guiding

Yesss , good news for those who were’nt sure if you had to be an expert to take a guide. Most surfers who are at the relative start of their surfing life are’nt sure if its appropriate to take a guide. We say it absolutely is. Everybody had to start somewhere and at that stage most surfers have an ideal wave in their mind that they would feel comfortable in. There are many waves in the area from north to south that are real mellow, ideal for the improving surfer.

surf guides hossegor

Advanced surf guides Hossegor

Yes all the spots are here. We can take you to surf dredging beach breaks , grinding point breaks and out reefs….. Its all here. Hossegor being the center of Europe for surf , we are spoiled. Contact us before hand to let us know what you looking for and also how the charts are looking. We will then build a formula for your trip to keep you barreled and stoked.

surf guides hossegor


We own and run one of the very first surf lodges in the area. The Secret Spot Lodge is the center of all real surf adventures in the area. With a surf guiding packages available , our guests have been staying with us and leaving totally stoked for years. Have a look here at our 5 star Tripadvisor rating , and what people really think about staying at the lodge. Feel free to have a look inside the Secret Spot Lodge,and all its rooms here or you can drop us a line here to speak about a perfect guided surf trip.

Surf Guides Hossegor
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