Surf Guiding and lessons private or in a small group. We focus on high end quality for our students.

Surf Guiding and Lessons

Surf Guiding in Hossegor

Surf guiding in Hossegor has to be one of the greatest jobs in the world ! Every year there are a lot of surfers who arrive in Hossegor hungry to surf what everyone has seen in the mags. Although the total area is not that great , theres a whole lot of different types of waves to be surfed. A common mistake is to think you have to be a very experienced surfer to hire a guide. In fact the truth is as long as you can stand , turn left and right you can hire a guide. If you are an improving surfer and feel its time to push yourself into steeper waves then we can find those waves. Once you find yourself on these waves you can also be coached right through the whole thing and make that take off ! The waves you wanted to find (as long as there is swell) will be found. If you are more experienced but dont know the area we will take you to points , reefs , sand bottom dredging barrels and the big wave spots of Guethary and la Nord.

surf guiding lessons

Surf Guiding and the Lessons

Small group lessons

The original school to launch the “small group” concept was started here years ago for a reason. After spending many years watching students in other bigger schools, a decision was made. Small groups of 4 or 5 max is now what we offer. The focus of our school is always on quality. The facts are that the students receive twice the amount of feedback for the same price. For those of you who have experienced a group with 8 people and an under paid over worked monitor , it can be a waste of money. Get more for your money and book a small group lesson.

surf guiding lessons

Private lessons

Private surf lessons in and around Hossegor is one of the most popular requests. Again you dont have to be an experienced surfer. When a private surf lessons is booked a brief assessment is made prior to the lesson. Once your goals or dreams have been established you will then have the appropriate beach chosen for you to surf. If its a sketchy take off or a knee getting involved the problem will be spotted straight away and dealt with. If you are thinking thats its time you started to get a cutback sorted , it will be broken down in clear concise manner and explained.


Stay in style

If you are going to treat yourself to some quality surf guiding and lessons then why not stay in style as well. As mentioned we are small family run business focused on high end products. We have one of the most well established and respected surf lodges in the area since 15 years , The Secret Spot Lodge. We have 4 large rooms all with ensuite ,a large heated pool , summer kitchen and much more. Here the TripAdvisor page for you to read others experiences of our Secret Spot Lodge. Its worth mentioning that from our lodge you can also book a “surf & stay” holiday. When you come and stay with us you will invited into the world of “all day” surf. We are up with the sun every morning and have one thing on our mind. When you stay with us the dawny is always available and we run small groups every morning. If the surf is too big for our guests we will show you the best place to hide away from the monster swells, and have a great surf. If on the other hand riding giants is on your mind, then we will get you down to Spain to surf some of the notorious big wave reefs or points.

Please feel free to contact us here with any questions about Surf Lessons and guiding or our Secret Spot Surf lodge.