Surf guiding Hossegor with a local guide to guarantee that you surf the waves you came for.



Our purpose is to make sure people get what they came for. Some come to learn , some surf already and come to surf the waves in the mags. No matter what level you are our surf guide will get you to the type of wavethat suits you. Not everyone want to surf waves like the one above. We will find you from mellow to grinding barrels.

We have a list below of the better known spots around Hossegor. Everyone has heard of and probably surfed the waves around Seignosse, Les Bourdaines , Le Penon etc . These waves are consistently great , but are also a crowd magnet. In the list below we have gone through all the obvious waves that we can take you to , but there are SOO many more that are off the beaten track.

If you just want to have a look at our detailed spot guide and do it yourself,click here for a really detailed spot guide 

6 waves South of Hossegor

We head south when the swell is too big. We stop first at Labenne and will go all the way to the Basque country reefs of Guethary.

  1. Anglet is a super pretty little spot. One of Slaters favorites are here, Cavaliers.
  2. Labenne is a fully gnarly spot with many different spots. Less crowds , but localized.
  3. Biarritz is always good fun , mellow waves for the less confident. Hell crowded.
  4. Guethary is not for the faint hearted. A big wave reefhalf a kilometer out.
  5. Lafetania is in the shot below. Really long right hand point break, but crowded.
  6. Hendaye is the last beach in France. Great for beginners.

10 waves around the Hossegor area :

Hossegor is on every surfers mind when heading this way. Its true that it hosts some of the best waves on the planet. Dont get too lost with tides and banks etc , you really need to know where and when to be in order to score

  1. Les Casernes is a few mins north and is a 10 min walk from the car park
  2. Le Penon in Seignosse is good but crowded
  3. Les Bourdaines is  superstar surfing area .Always good but always crowded
  4. Les Estagnots is next and the center of Hossegor famous waves.
  5. La Gravier is the best wave in Europe and one of the best in the world.  A great wave to watch from the beach.
  6. Plage central Hossegor. Only works on a massive swell.
  7. La Sud is a friendly learner wave , works on low to mid tide. Always busy
  8. Capbreton plages are great for beginners.
  9. Santosha, Always barreling and crowded
  10. VVF is epic all the time and very unforgiving. Crowded but many peaks

4 waves up on the Northern beaches:

North of Hossegor the  the crowds get thinner. The mistake that most make is thinking that the quality of the surf is less, the world class waves are the same , you just need to know where.

  1. La Lette is a pretty little spot just north of Moliets. Its where the forest meets the beach.
  2. Moliets is one of the great northern beaches that always seems to have good waves. Its  big and easy to find an uncrowded waves
  3. Messanges is heading south. Depending on the sand banks can be real good. A handy carpark just behind the dune
  4. Vieux Boucau is another hidden gem of the north.

Do i have to be good to book a guide ?

surf guiding hossegor


Absolutely not ! . Surf guiding Hossegor is exactly that. We will listen to what type of wave you are looking for and take you there. We are always honest with our students or guided customers to make sure you get the most for your money . As the guiding is a specific service we advise that anyone taking a guide can stand up and turn left or right, if not take a couple of lessons first to get the most out of your day.


Please feel free to contact us here with any questions. You can check out the pricing of our guiding service here.

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