Surf lessons in the winter

Learning to surf is  not like any other sport….. As a seasoned instructor i can say that the amount of days on the beach that are actually truly perfect for the first time surfer or beginner a very rare. A fine combination of waves with a small wave period ( not powerful waves) , a nice mild offshore breeze or no wind (to keep the waves clean), a big bag of enthusiasm and determination , and of course blue skies and lessons in perfect conditions


Europe and surfing in the winter spells one word … hardcore !  This is for a few reasons, the first of which is its pretty cold. This combined with the fact that Hossegor is a paradise for learners in the summer , due to the normally small friendly waves with blue skies, but the winter is strictly for the hardcore big wave chargers and tow-in surfers as the waves are generally 3 meters + and for experts lessons

Its true that surfing is more than a sport , its a way of life . For this reason when you sit and chat with any serious surfer most will tell you that they have a life based around seasonal spots for good surf and the very important , blue skies …… At surf lessons Hossegor we have been doing this for over 30 years. At the end of the Autumn season in France we move to sunny climes for the winter. This winter we are based in Morocco , as all the boxes are ticked here :

  • Real good waves
  • cheap cheap
  • hot and sunny every day

The quality of waves for learners here is totally awesome. Within a few kilometers there is a variety of waves to choose from , ranging from beach breaks to points and normal reef breaks. surrf lessons

So the moral of the story is , if you want surf lessons and are not too keen on getting a wetsuit on  in a freezing cold European beach , we are here in Sunny Morocco until the end of March and are running lessons on a daily basis in hot weather with blue skies and great little learner waves …..

See you all soon

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