Surf Lessons on Hossegor Beach France

Surf Lessons on Hossegor Beach France is possibly the best place to learn to surf in southwest France. Let me tell you a little bit about my opinion and how i became qualified to make a statement like that. My name is Troy and i am the sole owner / director of Surf lessons Hossegor and the Secret Spot Lodge our surf lodge. I have been surfing this region since the late 1980,s.  I have surfed all over the world and chose to settle here near Hossegor , as it has the best combination of surf / climate / people and culture. All important elements in a happy surfers life.

surf lessons on hossegor beach
Your instructor on Hossegor beach

Surf lessons Hossegor surf school was founded to fill a gap in the market of high quality surf lessons for those who are serious about learning to surf in France. Its a sad fact that a definite ‘surfer factory’ mentality has evolved in the surf lessons industry. Under paid , overworked teenage instructors with massive groups is a dangerous combination in these waters . The fact is also that the majority of instructors do not wrack up enough surfing time of there own to warrant being able to teach and pass knowledge on. So i decide to offer a special service for a tiny fraction of the people coming to learn to surf surf school hossegor

Small group surf lessons on Hossegor beach.

I decide no more big groups! I take a 50% loss of earning , but am happy with the knowledge that in a small group i can give my customers the attention that they deserve , and the attention that they have paid for.

surf lessons on hossegor beach franceI will never run a group with more than 4-5 people unless requested. I have worked helping friends out in schools around the coast over the last ten years and know that people are generally unhappy in a group of 8 and it drastically reduces the learning experience of the student. As a professional instructor and lifelong surfer i take pleasure in knowing that i can offer a small percentage of leaning surfers a unique experience.


Private Surf Lessons on Hossegor Beach France.

Its true of any sport that if you want to achieve and advance in a sport sometimes its a smart move to pay that little bit extra and get some fully professional tuition. If you are learning golf , most people don’t just rent a club and do there best. Its the same with learning to surf in south west France.  Surf Lessons on Hossegor beach france

People come to me asking for private surf lessons on Hossegor beach France for different reasons. Its quite normal to get a certain way down the road of learning a new sport or skill and then hit a wall  or a plateau. This is called the frustration period. I had a German lady last year who had a private lesson as she had been ‘stuck ‘ on a take-off issue for TEN YEARS !!! She had decided to come with me as i am the most qualified private coach on the coast.  By the end of the first private lesson i had pointed out her glaring mistake ( only one !) and given her clear concise information on how to address this issue. It was addressed and she moved on. That was one private lesson.

I take any level form first timers to advanced for private lessons and there needs to be no reason. Some people prefer the learning atmosphere when its quiet and tranquilo.

Surf guiding on Hossegor beach

Its true that only a surfer knows the feeling. This is why i have found that visiting surfers to this area time after time chose me to guide them. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a holiday to come and surf and just guess where the best banks are. As you all know the sand banks around this part of the world change very quickly , and so do the lessons on hossegor beach france

If you are looking at scoring some of the waves you see in the mags and go home with a serious stoker , get in touch. Its my business to know where the waves like this one are. Its also my aim in life to surf them !