Surf lessons hossegor school with small groups.

Surf lessons Hossegor school small groups you can be guaranteed to get twice the lesson for half the price.

If you have had a lessons before you will know about the same old story of massive groups. Burnt out under paid teenage instructor teaching on sun-standard equipment. Sadly a sight that is all to often seen on our beaches.

You will never be in a large group at Surf lessons Hossegor. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a service like no other school. If you are serious about wanting to actually get up on the board and do a bit more than just cruise on the what water , thats what we are here for. Your instructor has unrivaled surf and teaching experience ,and our equipment is cutting edge. The combination of the 2 means that you will receive the absolute best for your money.Surf lessons hossegor school small groups

This picture says a thousand words about what you can do in a few lessons with the right instructor and the right equipment !!.