Surf Lessons Hossegor ,

Surf Instruction & Guiding, for Beginners & Improvers 

surf lessons hossegor

    • ISA  Level 1 qualified instructor with 40 years surfing experience.
    • Registered and insured.
    • Experienced surf guide in Hossegor.
    • Small groups of 5 max, smallest groups on the coast.
    • Private lessons tailor made after an assessment from beginner to intermediate.
    • All equipment provided for beginners.


Private Individual Surf Lessons Hossegor

  • Whether you or are a complete beginner or already surf but want to take your surfing to the next level, ”Surf lessons Hossegor” will help you progress faster, refine your technique and master new moves! We hear too often of students that have had a nightmare in a big group of 8 with sub-standard equipment and not had a pleasant learner environment or experience. If thats you why not turn the clocks back and slingshot your surfing skills with some private lessons.  For the average landlocked surfer things are particularly tricky. Too often we hear that surfers have been trying to improve for many years , but only has 2 or 3 weeks a year to surf, and are stuck on a certain habit. As this has become a regular part of our student base , we are well armed with tips and tricks to overcome the 50 weeks a year without ocean to surf. Get tips on how to get fit, stay fit until the next surf, and prepare for you next surf trip. This is for people who want to progress fast in the peace and quiet of a private lesson!

    • Individual assessment before lesson
    • Equipment included
    • Ocean safety and awareness
    • Paddling technique
    • Popping up
    • Duck diving
    • Wave selection
    • Reading surf reports
    • Cutbacks , floaters and other manoeuvres
    • Stay fit tips
    • Preparation for next surf trip
    • Best waves for your ability

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Small Group Surf Lessons Hossegor

At Surf Lessons Hossegor we believe that the learning environment is everything when improving your technique or are totally fresh into surf. We have heard too many stories of people that have spent good money to really progress during there holidays and ended up in a massive group. Big groups of 8 are the norm here, sometimes with beaten up boards and under paid instructors ……….  We pride ourselves that we have our students learning experience at heart and for this reason we keep our groups small our equipment new and the stoke factor to the max degree. With a maximum of 5 people ( unless requested for more) you will receive the attention you need and have paid for, to progress faster and achieve that manoeuvre. Leave the beach with a smile after some small group surf lessons Hossegor with that bit extra attention to your surf lessons hossegor

    • Small group surf lesson for 2 -5 people.
    • Learn at a beach carefully selected to suit your ability.
    • Beach safety
    • Equipment introduction
    • Paddling technique
    • Catching waves
    • How to stand & board control
    • Includes soft boards / hard boards/ wetsuits
    • Preparation for next surf trip tips

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Guided Surf Trips

Surf lessons Hossegor understands the exact reason that people may be looking at this page. You definitely dont need to be an expert to have a surf guide. Everyone has their own idea of perfection in a surf session. You’ve seen the French perfection in the mags and movies and now its your turn. Don’t waste valuable time looking for the best waves, you may luck out and score a good surf , but its unlikely that you will have enough luck to find the perfection that this area has on offer. Our surf guide covers a huge area, and has pleasure in saying that this area is surfed every day by us. You know it makes sense , you came to surf the text book French waves , so lets go surf lessons hossegor

  • Half Day (3 hours)
  • Full Day (6 hours)
  • All transport included

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Surf Accommodation for Your Trip

If you have come on a road-trip or have just flown in , why not take a rest in luxury. Our sister business is The Secret Spot Lodge  was established in 2004. It remains the most well known and respected Surf Lodge in the area. We have continued to have a 5 star Tripadvisor rating since we started, have a look to see what people think.  Every room has its own private en-suite, the pool is big and heated and theres a summer kitchen for you. The Lodge is situated 20 mins north of Hossegor near the quiet village of Azur. We have the northern beaches such as Messanges and Moliets nearest to us. You can have a closer look at all the rooms and facilities here

  • 5 star rating
  • All rooms en-suite
  • Heated pool
  • Summer kitchen
  • Free hire stuff
  • Breakfast included

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