Smaller Group Surf Lessons Hossegor

We will only ever put a maximum of 4 students , no matter what the level , together in one group. At Surf Lessons Hossegor we have spent enough years on the beach to realize that people are now getting tired of paying top dollar and being herded into groups of 8 +  by every surf school in France and then whistled at by instructors that stand ankle deep on the beach getting a sun tan.

smallest surf lessons Hossegor

We promise you exactly what you read is what you get. We only have a couple of instructor and we only do a few groups each day. During the lesson we are in the water with you every minute of the lesson. Our focus is most definitely on quality rather than quantity. We will be taking bookings in advance and when we are full the doors are shut that way we dont exhaust our instructors and the students have a better learning experience.

Both of our instructors rack up a lifetimes worth of surfing experience of over 50 years and half of that time instructing. You are in the hands of the most qualified instructors on the beach. They will teach you from a total fresh start into surfing or for those that have already started , listen carefully to what you feel needs improving. We cater for every level and keep the group at the same level.

smallest group lessons Hossegor

Check out our prices and packages , or contact us if you need any more info.