Surf Lessons around Hossegor with Troy.

Surf Lessons around Hossegor with me , Troy Ferry , is the way that you and your friends or family are going to learn quickly in a small group or private lesson. Let me introduce myself , i am the sole instructor /owner of Surf lessons Hossegor Surf School. I will explain below how and why it happened and what i sell.

surf lessons around hossegor

Surf Lessons Hossegor was created as i have a lifelong passion for surfing and the ocean. I have surfed here for over 40 years. Therefore have grown with the surf industry , not only here in France , but around the world. France was my first and favorite destination to surf and 40 years later i ended up settling here. Having spent the last twelve years around Hossegor i have seen a sad state of affairs unfold in the surf lessons industry. I created Surf lessons around Hossegor in order to give you , the paying, customer the service you deserve. I figured , if you pay a golf pro for a lesson, you get it. So why should you be stuck in a group of 8 or more with a hungover teenage instructor standing knee deep in the water whistling at your group like dogs ?

So i have designed a way for anyone who really wants to learn to surf in a tranquilo fun way. I will outline the individual services i offer and give you the reasons why you may want to surf with me.

 Surf Lessons  around Hossegor  / Groups

The situation i have been seeing on the beach in and around Hossegor gave me the motivation to create Surf lessons Hossegor. A group of 8 students is a lot for any human to deal with , especially in the dangerous waters of this area. Its a commen site to see 10 or more instructors lined up along the beach knee deep in water. Thats eighty students in one small area !!.  SO ……. i decided that its time for the learner surfer to get what they are paying for. Surf lessons Hossegor groups only have 4 students !! Not only that , because the my surf school is mobile i find the best and most appropriate waves for the level of the group thats surfing that day. So straight away you can see where im going with this. You have a quiet environment to surf in a small group. With my 40 years surf experience and over 20 years teaching experience you are in safe hands. Safety and fun in a small group for the same price as the other schools. surf lessons around hossegor

 Surf Lessons around Hossegor / Private lessons

The private surf lessons that i run are done with extreme care and attention. If you are turning up for private lessons with very definite and sure set of goals or dreams. This i take fully seriously. We will sit down before the lesson to assess exactly where you are at, where you have been in your previous surf lessons and most importantly , where you want to go. The lessons are done on the same principal as the group lessons. I  will scout out the most appropriate place for you lesson. Everybody has a different level and different goals. If the slightly more advanced surfer wants to conquer they’re fear of tube riding, or keeping their eyes open in the barrel, i will find some dredging barrels. If you are looking for a mellow wave because you’ve been stuck on the take-off for ages , i will the mellow waves. The essence of a private lesson is to understand the students goals and help you lessons around hossegor

Surf lessons around Hossegor  / Surf guide

Having a surf guide anywhere you go for a trip is a good idea. Here in this part of the world the sand banks can and do change regularly. For this reason its only locals that know where good and wheres not. So if you have come all this way with a dream of getting one of the classic text book French barrels that you see in the mags … call me and ill take you lessons around hossegor

I hope that this has been a help for you and thrown a bit more light on why i truly offer the best that your money can buy for surf lessons around Hossegor. You can check out every type of lesson, package and guiding right here.

See you soon,