Surf School Hossegor

Surf School Hossegor for those people who are looking for top end surf lessons in and around Hossegor without being herded around the beach like cattle.

The groups are never more than 4 people (unless requested) in a group , meaning that you will receive the attention that you need in order progress and enjoy your surfing experience.

We operate on a simple basis of first come first serve. There are only a couple of groups a day that will run. It is advisable to book in advance, as so many people are now looking for a serious instructor that will deliver what is paid for.Surf Guide Hossegor

Troy has been teaching and surfing in the area for over 30 years, and has unrivaled experience of the sport , the region, and the teaching skills needed to communicate the information in a clear way. At Surf Lessons Hossegor School , you will NEVER be told to “feel the ocean” or  “tune into mother nature” , as many of our customers recount from previous surf school experiences, often in massive groups. We believe that if you are paying a Professional surf coach then its the same as paying a pro golf coach or tennis coach. The very specific body movements will be explained clearly and concisely. A specific group of skills sets are needed and once they are understood they can be built on one after the other.

private surf lessons

Our surf school in Hossegor operates on a few different levels. We fully understand that there are the students arriving on the coast who have already taken the first steps down the road of becoming surfers and already have a certain set of skills. For those who are just about to dip their toes into the surfing world , welcome aboard , and welcome to the best surf school in Hossegor. Of course there is a world of surfers that already rip and are just here with one thing on their mind , and thats getting some of the text book French barrelling action, for these we have the best surf guide hossegor.

This is how we work , we have small groups , we have private lessons and we have the best guide on the coast.

Surf School Hossegor Small groups :

At any surf school in Hossegor that you will see on the beach this summer and since the beginning of surf school time they run bug groups. Its a normal site to see a teenage coach looking like hes just finished the night before knee deep in water. With a minimum of 8 students these badly underpaid and under motivated “instructors” pass the time of day , and most only have 5 years surfing up there sleeves. At Surf Lessons Hossegor ,i decided to fill a gap in the market and create an opportunity for the student to get what they have paid for. I will never take a group of more than 4 people. My reasons are simple. Im licensed to teach 8 people and have done so for many years. I prefer to take 50% less for my lessons by only having 4 in a group. This way i have fun and the students have fun. Surfing is about having fun and its no fun being in a massive group. Learn faster and get twice as much for your money at our surf school in Hossegor with a small group surf school hossegor

Surf School Hossegor Private Lessons :

Its true that private surf lessons in Hossegor is the way to go if you are looking to progress that bit faster than everybody else. If you want to become a good golfer you hire a pro golf coach. This costs $$$$ and you reap the rewards after paying to tap into  a pros knowledge. Surfing is exactly the same. Also one of the most technical sports that there is to perfect. I have heard so many times before ” iv been stuck on the cutback for years” or  ” i cant keep my eyes open in a barrel” etc . Its really easy to stagnate in you progress and loose focus of how, when and where you could progress. Thats what im here for. I will be beside you on every wave and give clear , consisce feedback on exactly wher it is youve been going wrong. Usually people come to me for a private lesson , and have there issue resolved by the end of the first lesson , or into the second. If you are really serious about making it , book me up and i will get you to the next school hossegor