Surf School near Hossegor with small groups school hossegor


Surf School near Hossegor with small groups only is what we do. We are  the only surf school in the Hossegor area that does this. We have listened to surfers trying to improve or starting from scratch for years. Most people have come to us with stories of previous lessons where they actually didnt learn much. Learning in a group of 8 is the norm in most countries, so we do it different.

You can check out all the details of our group lessons here

 Private surf lessons :surf school around hossegor

We also run private lessons for the students that have a paticular goal in mind or just want to learn in private. Learning in a small group is better thn normal in this area , but our private lessons will get you surfing even faster.

You can check all details of our private surf lessons here.

Surf guiding :Surf school Hossegor

We love to guide surfers to the waves they came to surf. It doesnt matter if you are a seasoned ripper hunting barrels or a learner looking for some quiet mellow waves. If you are serious about surfing the waves that you see in the mags get our surf guide.

You can check full details of our surf guiding here


Surf accommodation :

If you wanted to stay with us we have a top end surf lodge 20 mins north of Hossegor.

You can check out the Secret Spot Lodge here.


If you need any more details please don’t hesitate to contact us here.