Surf school Hossegor Siegnosse Capbreton and others beches in the area. The best beaches on the day are chosen for you . From total beginners to improvers and experienced surfers for guiding.

Surf school Hossegor Siegnosse

Surf Lessons Hossegor is known for its quality rather than quantity. The focus has always been on smaller groups and more attention being given to the students. Unlike other schools that have a fixed location on one beach, our surf school is mobile and move beaches easily. This is such a bonus is that the tides in this area change the power and shape of waves. No matter what your level is you will surf the waves appropriate for you on the day.

The only Surf School in Hossegor Seignosse with Small groups

surf school hossegor seignosse

We make sure that you dont have to surf massive dangerous waves due to being on one beach. We also have decided that small groups of maximum 5 people is the way to go. This way the students are getting double the instructor for their money. Check out full details here of our small group lessons here.

Private surf lessons in Hossegor & Seignosse

surf school hossegor seignosse

Private Surf school Hossegor Siegnosse will help you take that jump to the next level. A lot of people prefer the idea of private surf lessons. Its all about quality for us. We want to make sure that you get what you are paying for. it doesn’t matter if you are a first time surfer or a beginner or improver. Take a private lesson with 40 years experience, you will not find this anywhere else. Needless to say you will find it hard to match this anywhere in the area.

Surf guide from Northern beaches all the way to Spain

surf school Hossegor Seignosse

Surf the type of waves in the mags. If you have come all this way to surf , then do it !! Again your level does not matter. Its better to be able to stand and turn left and right for value of money. from improver to barrel hungry rippers. Surf mellow waves or get pitted in Mundaka.

Surf School Hossegor Siegnosse with a Secret Spot

Our secret is out . The Secret Spot lodge is the highest quality accommodation in the Hossegor area. Established in 2004 our lodge has become the highest quality surf accommodation in the area. A 5 star Tripadvisor review rating and a certificate of excellence speak a thousand words, have a look here at what others have said. We have 4 ensuite large family rooms , a heated pool a summer kitchen and much more. Have a look here at the rooms and facilities.