Surfing Hossegor

Surfing Hossegor or around this area for the weekend. The surf is 4-5 meters at the moment meaning , as far as surf lessons go, that there is only really one place to go where its not out of control and super dangerous. The world famous waves of la Nord and la Gravier are a great place to go and check out the more experienced surfers doing they’re big wave charging.

surfing hossegor

Due to the shape of the Ocean floor just underneath these monster waves , there is a shelf just on the south side which places host to a super learner friendly wave called La Sud. It can be a big ten foot like in the picture an be a mellow 2-3 foot at la Sud.

Alternatively just on the other side of the harbor we have an even smaller wave at a place called La prevent.

At Surf lessons Hossegor , we travel around to ensure that you get the most appropriate waves for your ability on the day in question.

Surfing Hossegor