Winter 2020 Hossegor has been one of the best for a while. Amazing banks , offshore winds and blue skies.

Winter 2020 Hossegor
La Gravier
Winter 2020 Hossegor

We got off to a good start with continued hot weather and waves , then it went wrong for about a month with hurricane style weather. Then it came good, just keeps getting better. Private surf lessons and guided surf trips have been busy this year.

The Northern beaches

The winter swells are usually quite unforgiving up north around Moliets , Messanges area. Its just too big and the banks are usually battered by massive ocean movement. This winter has been well do-able . Messanges has had the best left hand bank now for months.

Winter 2020 Hossegor

Winter 2020 Hossegor show

What a show ,its been truely epic , check La Gravier and La Nord

The Double transfer team

Like clockwork, when things get big and perfect around La Nord and Laz Gravier the transfer boys come out. When La Gravier is closing a bit, theres a lot of people pullin off the bigger ones. These guys got past the shorebreak and turn round within a minute to hook this one !!

The guy is on a finless flat board, and basically jumps off the back of the huge 2 man SUP , straight into the biggest gnarly barrels. Skills beyond belief from both of them.

The winter in Hossegor is a surfers dream. For the start of next year the Secret Spot Lodge will be keeping its doors open. We will be running cold water surf packages. With cheap flights to Bourdeaux and Biarritz , its silly not to make the lost of winter 2020 Hossegor.

Winter 2020 Hossegor surf packages

Yes up coming for this year , we are staying open for the winter surfers. A lot of surfers take off to the tropics, but a lot have commitments in Europe. Its cheap to get here and we have the best accommodation and waves in Europe. Give us a call if you want to reserve a spot for next winter. Keep an eye on this link for coming details of winter surfers.

Winter 2020 Hossegor
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